Here We Go Again

Moblogging from my Samsung Galaxy S7. There are many ways to publish something to my website, the easiest being to load the WP-Admin dashboard in a web browser. But this is 2017, and information seldom waits for a comfy desk chair and a judicious collection of browser tabs. These days, what is needed most often, is the ability to publish from a smartphone, or a tablet.

To that end, here I am, using the WordPress Android app on my smartphone. So far, text entry is pretty straightforward, and I’ve been using the keyboard as well as the microphone to dictate these sentences. I’ve only had to do minimal editing. I initiated this post by launching the app and tapping the compose button. It seems to be a feature-rich editor. I can see options for adding media, formatting text, inserting hyperlinks… you know, all the usual stuff. In a moment, I’ll test what other options I have for publishing content through the share menu items elsewhere in the operating system.

So let’s try a photo here:

Back off, kid!

Wow! Pretty straightforward. It looks like I have the option to select a photo or video from the phone’s gallery, shoot a photo or video directly for upload, or select media already uploaded to the WordPress media library. Let’s try uploading a few photos into a gallery to insert into this page.

Interesting. That was not as straightforward. It seems you can only insert a gallery using photos that are already uploaded to the WordPress Library. There’s no option to upload the photos directly into a gallery via the mobile app. Although, I did notice that you get better control over the thumbnail arrangement and sorting options using the mobile upload interface than you do while building a gallery in the browser. I was not however expecting a simple short code insertion. I guess I won’t know what this looks like until I load the page.

[Edit] had to go look up the “read more” tag, because there’s no button to insert one here in the mobile app. That means whatever I compose in the mobile app is going to appear in full on the blog page until I go and edit it in a browser, or unless I can remember how to manually insert a “read more” break. Note to WordPress Android developers, that needs to be part of the editing tool kit.

I also noticed that when you use the mobile app to insert a gallery in your post, you get a shortcode, and no way to edit the picture selection or order after you’ve saved it. So choose carefully. If you screw it up, you’ll have to delete the entire gallery and try again, or go find a full web browser to edit the contents.